Adam Cohen

Blind Grace” is ravishingly beautiful. It gets as far into seeing the unseeable as anything I've come across......  I get a distinctly uncanny feeling of at once being there (New York City) and remembering it from a century ago and seeing it from the moon or something. Its so sensual I can feel the actual temperature.... and at the same time impossibly remote.”


"Fire of Time" is a lovely and harrowing dream picture and Adam Cohen is a lyric poet with a camera. Here the past lurks just around the corner but forever out of reach and the light raking across the city is both beautiful and conclusive moving relentlessly into the future."


Luc Sante 

Author of “Evidence” and “Low Life”



 “The two films [ Blind Grace and Fire of Time ] I have watched several times with care and online casinos strict attention have a lyrical haunting quality that makes them memorable. They brilliantly render urban desolation, lonely hopes and futile dreams. They convey a sense of something coming to an end and yet foretelling a new birth of light.... It is as if we witness at once the dying phase of a final empire and the glimmer in flashes of new possibilities. This is amazing work of visual poetry. It deserves to be seen everywhere.”


Alan Trachtenberg 

Neil Gray Emeritus Professor of English and

American Studies

Yale University